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Create a category, make a post, join the fun! June 8, 6: San Francisco or the Peninsula? I will be working from home in the next year.

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I have about an equal number of friends in both locations, maybe slightly more in the Palo Alto area. The city is much more expensive, and it would probably mean living in a not so central location, sharing a bathroom which I hoped I wouldn't have to do again in this lifetime , etc. On the other hand, city more fun and meet more people in the city?

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On the first hand, save more money on rent and spend more money on restaurants with friends in the city on weekends? Maybe the main reason I'm asking is, people keep mentioning that the city is not a great dating scene for single women "many gay men! Anecdotally, how are your single female friends faring in either of these locations? No, it's obviously not the only consideration, and I actually probably won't be dating for a while anyway, but I am thinking to the future.

SF and the peninsula are so close to each other that it makes no difference where you live. My single female friends hated living on the peninsula. Everyone lamented that the odds seemed good until you realized all the even vaguely normal dudes were either taken, or so married to their work that getting their consistent attention was difficult.

Personalized Recommendation for San Mateo

No idea whether it was any better in the city. I agree with twblalock. You should live wherever will make you happier, and as long as you aren't really far south, you can get to either place. If you're bummed about your housing, it might even make it harder to motivate to put yourself out there and go on dates. I ended up meeting a great guy who was living in SF.

We now live here together and I love it. When I was dating, I definitely went on more dates with guys from the peninsula, most of whom were perfectly nice and normal. It'll be good to be near them, so you have someone to go to parties and events with. Sometimes friends who are coupled up are less interested in going out, because they're not looking to meet someone. I've been single ish in SF for the past 8 years. I run in pretty queer circles and have almost never run into the "All the good ones are gay" problem. Plenty of straight single and bi guys. I would probably not be single if I weren't so married to my job.