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I stressed my total disagreement with any kind of "friends with benefits relationship" and told him that I was possibly looking for a stable relationship. He soon apologized and told me he was new on Tinder and didn't know what I was actually looking for and that he feared I might have still been in touch with other guys or my ex.

‘We Actually Knew Each Other For Years’

From that moment on he built up day after day, hour-after-hour, the character of the perfect man. He told me about his childhood in Florida in a traditional family, devoted to principles like true lifetime love, respect and loyalty. He told me about his ex-girlfriend of four years, who repeatedly cheated on him every time he was on a mission.

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He told me how that experience hurt him and made it very hard for him to trust a woman again. He told me he felt like we knew each other, although we had not met yet, and that he strongly believed our lives had crossed paths for a reason. After a month he admitted he was falling in love with me and that the anticipation of our meeting was consuming him. He also told me he was ready to marry me and wanted me to have his baby.

He even considered coming to Italy to meet my parents.

Everything I'm saying was supported by voice notes, his tone, his words sounded so genuine and every time I showed him doubts about this online, he begged me to give him a chance at least to meet up. He was always calm and sweet, ready to placate me with lovely words that every girl on Earth would love to be told - even the smartest! I mean, I suspected once in a while he might have chatted with some other girls as we never physically met but I never doubted he was totally into me. He convinced me and I convinced myself we were actually dating and that he was my man. I shared with him intimate details of my past life, photos of me and my family, and even worse A couple of months later, while I was on vacation in London, I saw a pic of him on Instagram and noticed a girl's comment.

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You know the ones, that have basically moved into your house in the first week, ask you where you're going all the time, and try and lock it down on the second date. It was fun, until it stopped being fun because I wanted to meet someone. Men in Dubai are an interesting breed — happy to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and stay single. Where did you meet your husband? We were set up on a blind date by our respective colleagues. They gave Nick my email address and he sent an amusing message.

Then we BBMed back and forth before meeting a week later. What were your first impressions?

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He seemed quite shy, but he was funny and clever. He was also wearing a great suit. What did you do on your first date? When did you know he was Mr Right? After he dropped me home on our first date.

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How did he propose? I was in my pyjamas when he made a lovely speech about us being stronger together. It was spontaneous, personal and very us. And our dogs were there watching. How does married life differ from being single? We put each other first.

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Advice for Dubai singletons: I really feel that meeting through people you already know is the best way. Also, remember that even a bad date can lead to a great story. The Salangsangs have been together for five years. Married for just over four years, they have a two-year-old girl, Clare, together. I learned a lot being single and away from home. On an SMS with a guy I was being set up on a blind date with.

I was flatmates with my cousin and best friend, so taking a bath everyday was optional and eating breakfast before brushing your teeth in the morning was normal. Where would you go to find Mr Right?

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