Dating ginger beer bottles

The difference is that while ginger beer includes the yeast for fermentation, it is also sweetened with honey. Cane sugar or molasses were also used. Additional ingredients included whole Jamaica ginger root and fresh lemons. When the carbonation process was introduced in , an essence of extract was used to achieve the right taste. But the old English brew masters observed that naturally fermented ginger beer still produced the best flavor.

ginger beer bottles

Until the mids, a number of ginger beers contained large amounts of alcohol content, some as much as 11 percent. Ginger beer eventually was introduced to the United States and Canada around with England shipping large amounts to both countries during the s. The early stoneware bottle was used extensively from until to when industrialization and new manufacturing techniques introduced a new gray stone bottle.

Use of these new bottles took place between and , having been stamped with various logos and designs to attract the interest of the buyer.

Keith Good to hear from you again. Its been almost two years since any of us posted to this thread.

Ginger beer bottle question ?????

I can't recall if we discussed this previously, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of your Forum Bottle Forums Unanswered Questions ginger beer stamps. Results 1 to 10 of There's a plethora of Denby marks. Would you be so kind as to put up some nice photographic images of the marks and their bottles, so that we may try and understand your query?

Meanwhile, here's a little Denby history, with a link to a few of the marks. There seems to be a number of books on Denby. Have you tried the library?

Bottle Treasures Uncorked: Popularity of ginger beer bottles

I would like to know what the letters stand for? Is it a date that was made at the pottery? Thank you for responding to my post. I do not know the meaning of those single letter marks. Perhaps they were an individual potter's initials, a means to track a potter's production I just don't know.

Date wise, maybe you'd do better by pursuing the Ginger Beer bottler. Whose bottles are we talking about, anyway?

Ginger beer bottle question ?????

We've got some very knowledgeable British and Australian members, perhaps one of them will look in soon. The Jury is still deliberating Coincidence, I think SO. More likely plant or kiln identifiers but I'm just guessing.

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Thank you both for your correspondence in this matter. Did ya dig em? Please do share some photos and talk story They are faked or still available full.

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