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She was my high school sweetheart and we married way too young. I had only fucked a few women before her. Ten years into our marriage, she wanted kids and I wanted to fuck women with gigantic tits. I was very successful at work, and my wife was never very good at taking me. I ran a clothing import business and decided to bring in larger sized bras. I hired Jules, pictured, as our sales manager. She was terrible at it but she was also the reason my wife finally decided to leave me.

She just wants to fuck me, be my arm candy, and that is perfect for me.

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I had met her four months earlier and we had been having insane sex for about two weeks before I learned that she was a single mom of two and a dancer, and she learned I was still in high school. When that happened, we broke up for about three days only to get back together again. She was reluctant to come to my prom but I think she liked the attention. At least until we got caught fucking in the bathroom and had to leave…. When I broke my leg my neighbor told me his daughter might be able to drive me to work since she worked right near me. Super cute new cashier at work.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Flirted with her a bit and eventually we become friends on snapchat and Instagram. Quickly learn she has a very big boyfriend and no filter whatsoever. This is a picture from 8 years ago. I was dating the girl in the picture at the time. She was 19 years old in this picture. We had been dating from basically the day after she turned I would never in a million years have thought she was that young.

She was so sweet, and had unreal curves. Our fifth date was her senior prom. She wore this same dress. All eyes were on her, obviously.

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She wore this dress a lot because she only had a few that fit. And this was my favorite.

We only lasted a couple years together because she became too consumed with college. But I still look back of this picture of her in this dress and wish I had her body again…. Maybe as a result, the women seem to be very comfortable flaunting their bodies, as well as flirting with me. F, pictured here, sits right near me. This is more or less what she wears everyday.

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Without fail F always shows a lot of cleavage. She also flirts like hell with me - so do a few other women, but F gets most of my attention. For months, her tops would get more and more revealing, until she finally told me she had a huge crush on me, and insisted I go out with her. We lasted six months, and mostly ended when she decided to move jobs.

Yes, this is how my wife dresses to drop the kids off at school. This is my real estate agent. This tumblelog is powered by Tumblr and was designed by Bill Israel. I give him a Real work out! About Semi-anonymous sex confessions. Once I was riding in the backseat of the car with my girlfriend and her boyfriend. I wanted to fuck him, and played with my nipples and licked my lips while he looked at me in the rear view mirror.

He pulled next to a store and sent her inside to buy some BS. As soon as she left, he had his finger in my pussy, and he stroked me until I almost screamed. Later, he dropped her off first, and then we pulled over somewhere, and to explore each other. I sucked his dick off, and then let him fuck me raw with no condom.


He came all in me, and then I sucked his shiny cum soaked dick off. I hooked up with this guy a while ago who had the biggest dick I have ever seen! When he pushed it into me I moaned so loud. He made me soo wet, he kept slowly thrusting into me because he loved the little gasps I let out. He would then all of a sudden start thrusting really hard and have me screaming. I had never had an orgasm that big before.

He then ate me out and then I road him. Last night was the fall sports meeting at my school and I saw the guy I had been flirting with at the end of last school, I noticed he wouldn't stop staring at me. So I waved him over to me and then dragged him to the handicap bathroom and gave him a blow job he then ate me out and we made out for the rest of the meeting.

I think this year is going to be a good school year: So my boyfriend came back from his family vacation yesterday and immediately came over to my house both my parents were at work.

He was so tired from his plain ride and really horny from not doing anything all week. As soon as I let him in the door he had me against the wall undressing me and kissing me all over. He then started fucking me so hard against the wall, he had me screaming it felt so good.

We then moved to my room and had sex 4 more times before my parents came home. I f keep getting rubbed raw from dry humping. I don't know how to keep from getting rubbed raw and bleeding. Me and my boyfriend don't want to move too fast so how can I prevent this from happening without stopping dry humping? So I am a 16 yo girl and I want to start experimenting with guys blowjobs, handjobs, fingering etc but I'm known as a nerd who is christian How do I break out of that and find a guy to experiment with?? How do I break out of my shell, and get guys to do stuff with me?

Go to parties with friends, have people set you up with guys, or just flat out try to interact with guys more.

Maybe he should go away more often ;.